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The GJCians Vol.I Issue II

Students of Mass Comm. Rejoice at the Release of The GJCians
6th July, 2014

(Dr. Sukhatankar releasing the Premier issue of The GJCians)

The first issue of 'The GJCians', a fortnightly newsletter run by the students of  SYBA Mass Communication, was released by the auspicious hands of the Principal in -charge Dr. Kishor Sukhtankar. The programme took  place on 5th of July . Dr. Atul Pitre, the Head of English Dept. and Vice Principal of Arts faculty, all the teachers of English Department and students of  SYBA English who have opted for the subject Mass Communication were present for the function. 
The programme was anchored by Miss. Sana Naik, a student of SYBA and the chief editor of the newsletter, who briefly introduced the objective and the nature of the whole activity. "Then aim is to give practical knowledge of journalistic skills to the students of Mass Communication who have to study  print media and journalism as a part of their syllabus. The students, as reporters and newsmakers , are to cover all the major academic , co-curricular and extracurricular activities and achievements of various departments and individuals in Gogate Jogalekar College, mirroring the active and colourful life of the GJCians" said Sana .
          Dr. Sukhtankar, after the publication of the newsletter expressed his good wishes for the endeavor of the students and teachers of the English Department. Miss. Shruti Salvi one of the co-editors delivered the vote of thanks. The students of Mass Communication will come with news issues of the newsletter after every fortnight. These issues will be displayed at the students’ notice boards in the main and the new building, at the ladies hostel and the library of the college.  The news updates will be available also on the blog i.e. 

Lokmanya Tilak Post Graduation Center Conducts PG Entrance Test

16th July, 2014

The Lokmanya Tilak Post Graduation Center of our college conducted the entrance test for the students willing to enroll for PG courses in Arts faculty.  The test was conducted on 15th July 2014 during 11.00 to 1.00 pm. Prof. Shraddha Rane conducted the exam successfully being the chief conductor and the Head of the PG Center. Prof. Shivraj Gopale and Mrs. Lala assisted her in the conduct of the exam.

GJC Observes Nanasaheb Gogate Memorial Day

                               8th  JULY, 2014                                                    
          The death anniversary of Gogate-Jogalekar college’s first donor, Late Nanasaheb Gogate was observed in the college , on 8th July at 8 am. The programme was organized by the function committee of the college. The teaching and non-teaching staff and the students of the college were present in a large number on this occasion. 
         Dr. Kishor Sukhatankar, Principal in charge, was the chairperson of the programme.  Dr. Sukhatankar briefly introduced the audience about the life of late Nanasaheb and offered a floral homage to Nanasaheb’s portrait. “Born in Mavalange village near Ratnagiri, Nanasaheb completed his education against all odds; with his curiosity to gain knowledge, strong resolution and his never back down attitude. He successfully got a job in one of Mumbai’s famous solicitor firms.”, said Dr.Sukhtankar, presenting before the audience the inspirational journey of Nanasaheb. He acknowledged Nanasaheb’s substantial donation of Rs.51, 000 which helped not only the college a lot during the early days of its advancement. “This has been Nanasaheb’s inestimable contribution not only to the college but also to the educational growth of the whole Konkan region.”, stated Dr. Sukhatankar concluding with an appeal to all the staff-members to work with total commitment to their profession, to fulfill Nanasaheb’s dream of imparting quality education in Konkan and thus to pay a tribute to the generous and visionary donor in a real sense.

TYBCom Results announced
27th June, 2014
The college result of exam held in April, 2014 has turned out to be 80% this year. According to the VI semester pattern, five of our students have achieved great success by getting ‘A’ grade, among which Madhura Madhav Palkar has stood 1st in the class with an aggregate score of 6.79 points. Master Pankaj Tushar Shetye stood 2nd with an aggregate of 6.69 points. The third place has been achieved by Miss Sneha Gajanan Limaye who has got total of 6.65 points. Miss Vaibhavi Bhalchandra Bane stood 4th with 6.49 points and was followed by Miss Anuja Vijay Khare with 6.47 points standing 5th in the class.
If the last semester marks are considered, four of the students got ‘O’ grade with 7 points. Miss Sneha Limaye stood 1st in this ranking. Miss Neha Farooq Dawt stood 2nd, Master Hemantkumar Mohanlal Khatik ranked 3rd while Master Swapnil Anil Bait and Miss Madhura Madhav Palkar stood 4th and 5th respectively.
All of our TYBcom students have passed out with flying colors making us all very proud and giving the next batch the motivation to do the same. 
Hearty congrats to Madhura and all the successful candidates.

Food for the Soul…
‘The struggle you are in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow.’ ~ Robert Tew
Department of Mathematics Conducts
Guidance Programme for 10th Std. Students
30th July,2014

(Prof. Rajiv Sapre guiding the Std. X students at Godbole Vidyamandir )   
The Mathematics Dept. of our college has been organizing consistent visits to the R. E. Society's Godbole High School , Kelye, for the past 9 years. Students of T.Y.BSc. and M.Sc. visit the students of std.X of this high school every Sunday, in order to provide them with guidance in the subject of mathematics.
Similarly, this year the inauguration of this weekly visit guidance programme took place on Sunday, 29th June, during which the Vice Principal of Science faculty and Head of Mathematics Department, Prof. Rajiv Sapre, briefly introduced the students to the nature of  the programme and its objective. His speech provided the students a motivation to think that Maths can be an interesting subject and they may score very well in it.
This Guidance programme will continue for all the year without charging any kind of fees and the beneficiary students will be taught some new, advanced and useful techniques that will make their study of Maths easier and will help them in gaining good marks in the board exams. 

Ankita Mayekar to Represent India at the International Power Lifting Competition ,US
             (Principal Dr. Subhash Deo congratulating Ankita)
It is the moment of honour for our college that a GJCian Miss Ankita Mayekar, has qualified the selection round of the World Power Lifting Competition that took place recently at Tatanagar, Jamshedpur in Jharkhand. Now, as she has become a part of the Indian Powerlifting Team, Ankita will represent India at the international level for the competition that will be held in Las Vegas, America during 17th to 19th October, 2014.
       Before this, Ankita has skillfully represented our college at the state and national level. She has achieved in total 13 medals, including 8 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze at the State level. Also she has received a total number of 11 medals including 8 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze at the national level. She has also represented our college at the All India Inter University Competition for 3 times. Ankita has been guided by the Sports Director Mr. Vinod Shinde and has been acknowledged and motivated by Mr. Chandrakant Ghawali, Mrs. Leena Ghadigaonkar and Mr. Patil at all times.
       We the GJCians heartily congratulate this shining star of ours and wish her all the very best for the competition. 

NSS Contributes to Tree Plantation Drive
Despite the grave problem of global warming and heavy deforestation, the common people are still unaware of these environmental issues. Yet there are few eco-friendly groups that work for conservation and growth of our surrounding atmosphere. And it has been a long tradition of the NSS unit of our college to extend a helping hand to such groups and to take the lion’s share in the endeavor to conserve the environment.   Recently the NSS volunteers of our college worked for the cause, participating in the tree plantation programme in collaboration with ‘Shree Charitable Trust’ and ‘Swarup Savali’. For the last few years, Shree charitable Trust has been conducting the activity of tree plantation along the Ratnagiri-Pavas Road. This noble activity was carried out on 27th  and 28th of  June which successfully achieved the target of planting 100 plants.
The inauguration was done by the hands of a senior pilgrim who was on his way to a group from ‘’Paud’’, a remote place near the site of project. The founder of this trust, Mr. Shreenivas Gogate, personally participated along with the programme officers of our NSS unit, Prof. Vasudev Athalye and Dr. Sonali Kadam. Great emphasis was given on the selection of plants underlining the specific characteristics of producing maximum oxygen and rendering wide shadow.  All the NSS volunteers of our unit who participated in the activity gave their hundred percent for the noble cause.

The Arts Film Club Screens Syllabi-based Movies for MA and TYBA Students
18th July, 2014

The well-known filmmaker Dr. Jabbar Patel’s movie viz. ‘Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar’ was screened on 10th July for the students of Marathi MA II. This event was held in collaboration with Department of Marathi and the Film Club of the College so as to provide the students with the background information about the Dalit Literature. This movie was shown in particular as it depicts the life of Dr.Ambedkar, without whom the study of Dalit Sahitya is literally incomplete. The screening of this movie was done under the guidance of Prof. Gopale from Department of Marathi.
Another movie viz. ‘Dance Like a Man’ was screened by the Dept of English and the Film Club for the students of TYBA (English), as the movie is based on Mahesh Dattani’s play of the same title which is a part of their syllabus. The movie, being a very fine work of art and giving the message that one should maintain balance both between their family life and their ambitions, was very much appreciated by all the students. Both the movies proved helpful for the students for the better understanding of the theories and the representative texts prescribed for them.

Cultural Department Celebrates
the Malhar Mahotsav
9th July, 2014
Every year the Cultural Department of our college organizes the Malhar Mahotsav to search fresh new talents to prepare them for the university, state and national level competitions. This year too, the festival took place from 5th to 8th July, 2014, in which the selection of students for various events like singing, elocution and fine arts was made.  The other purpose of organizing this Mahotsav is to provide the students with a membership of our cultural department and to boost them up to participate and perform well in reputed competitions at different levels.
          This whole event was held under the guidance of Prof. Uday Bodas, the co-ordiantor of Extracurricular Activities along with Prof. Anand Ambekar, the convenor of our Cultural Department.

15 GJCians get the opportunity
to Earn While They Learn
13th July, 2014

The ‘Earn and Learn scheme’ is being run by our college for a long time. The volunteers interested in this scheme are interviewed and selected for their respective jobs and are given a chance to work in the college library, the NSS office, the main college office, the gymkhana, etc .
This ‘Earn and Learn scheme’ was first introduced by Karmveer Bhaurav Patil. By providing this scheme, our college does a great and important work of providing the needy and promising students with a chance of having a part-time job and some financial support. This also gives the students a sense of dignity of their work, boosts their confidence and provides them ample of experience.
Recently on 12th July, such students were interviewed and selected; among the 24 applicants, 15 were selected. These students work for about three hours of time, daily. This entire program is practiced under the guidance of Dr. P.B. Landge.
       Urdu Department Holds its First 
           Weekly Seminar of the Year
19th July, 2014
                        Urdu Department of our college holds every week a seminar of its regular students who study on a given theme and present a paper or power-point presentation every week. The first seminar session under this programme took place on Saturday 19th July, 2014 in the Department of Urdu.
                        The theme this time was 'Meri Pasandida Shakhsiyat' (My Favourite Personality) for which all the students from F.Y., S.Y. and T.Y.B.A. enthusiastically participated and enjoyed the seminar. Master Sufiyan Usman Haju of T.Y.B.A anchored the program. Atif Kadri of S.Y.B.A. did the reading of a ''Naat'' along with Miss Heena Dawt OF S.Y.B.A on 'Mothers'. Kausar Kamal Shaikh of S.Y.B.A shared her thoughts on 'Sir Sayyad Ahmad Khan'. Tehzeen Mukadam, the student of T.Y.B.A. gave a brilliant speech about 'Prophet Mohammad'.
                        At the end, Prof. Mohammad Danish Gani, Head of Urdu Dept, gave a speech appreciating the students for their efforts. Finally, master Sufiyan concluded the programme by presenting the vote of thanks.   

Be Eco – Friendly Consumers!
          A world famous misunderstanding has gained popularity that road rallies, plays, slogans and plantation of sapling on our birthday (every year in the same hole!) will save our earth. Efforts are good but going fruitless. Then what should actually be done?
          Problem of environment can be overcome only when longer part of world’s population will be employed in the production of Eco-friendly goods and services like organic food, energy saving appliances (solar water heater, earthen cooler pot), naturally disposable commodities like Bamboo Pen, other Bamboo and wooden substitutes of plastic and so on.
          That is why we, as consumers, should change our attitude.   100% organic sugar is available in the markets at Rs. 70/Kg.  Where normal (chemical mixed) sugar is for around Rs. 30-40. A regular consumer will purchase the cheaper one but if affordable, we should always purchase organic because we are contributing the extra price for the savage of earth. Thus, spending on eco- friendly products without considering the price will be the starting point of earth saving movement.
So, Be Eco-Friendly Consumers.

                                                                                  - Harshad Tulpule

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